Below is a list of basic standards your car must meet to share the track with others. It is your responsibility to make sure your car conforms. If you are not certain, please ask for clarification or consult with a qualified mechanic. You can bring a full blown racecar to the track or a stock Nissan Sentra. Maintenance is the key.

Driver Safety

_____ Car Helmet (2010 or newer) - rentals available

_____ Closed-Toed Shoes

_____ Natural Fiber Garments

_____ Seatbelts/Harnesses in tact & secure

_____ Rollbars for certain convertibles only (inquire within)    

_____ Seats Bolted Securely

_____ All Unsecured Items Removed (floor mats, coins, paper, etc.)


_____ Pads 5mm Material, Minimum

_____ Fluid Clear & Resevoir Full

_____ Pedal Firm

_____ Working Brake Lights

_____ Master Cylinder/Calipers = No Leaks

_____ Rotors free from cracks (inspect!)

Tires & Wheels

____ Tires in Good Condition (no cords!)

____ All  Lugnuts Present & Torqued

____ Center Caps REMOVED

____ No Wheel Cracks (inspect!)

Suspension & Steering

_____ Wheel Bearings (no play)

_____ Ball Joints in Good Condition

_____ Steering Tight (no excessive play)

_____ Shocks (no leaks)

Engine & Drive Train

_____ Check All Fluid Levels

_____ Tighten All Caps

_____ Secure All Hoses

_____ Mounted Battery (no zipties, bungee cords or tape)

_____ Battery Terminals Covered (electrical tape or similar)

_____ Radiator Overflow Container Present

_____ Throttle Return Quick

_____ Fuel Cap Tightened


_____ No Severe Glass Cracks

_____ Outside Mirrors & Rear View Mirror

_____ Body Panels Secure (zipties OK)

_____ Mounted Cameras, Phones, Laptimers, etc.