HALF DAY PASS - Big Willow - SAT 6/15

HALF DAY PASS - Big Willow - SAT 6/15


You MUST know your lap time and understand basic track etiquette to sign up for this. NOON Arrival. NO BEGINNERS.

Most afternoons are comprised of continuous Open Track continuous green flag. You will be placed in a group but may run in other groups as conditions permit. Lots of seat time as the morning crowd dissipates.

We run at 80% capacity so that adverse conditions do not effect seat time. Four groups instead of five for less downtime. If you know your lap time you will be assigned a grid position upon arrival. Groups are determined the night before the event depending entirely on enrollment.

  • You can run in other groups as conditions permit

  • Passengers allowed (conditions apply)

  • Helmet rentals available

  • Timing Included

  • Noobs welcome

We move to open track settings in the afternoon,first by combining groups then running continuous green flag to close out the day. Perfect time to stage battles or gamble on who is the fastest in the crappiest car.

Live Timing made possible by hotlap.io Download it from the App Store and create a profile. Compare laps with friends and have your times displayed on the #onerunclub leaderboard.

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